Case Study: AAII Growth Investing

Services & Technology:

Coldfusion, Javascript, HTML5, SCSS.

The Goal:

Design and develop a new product for AAII. AAII has tens of thousands of members, and hundreds of thousands of users. The product will serve as a dynamic template for finance/investing beginners and experts.

How We Did It:

We start by having a conversation about specs. What needs to displayed to users, what is most important, what are the goals the company has for users, etc. The basic idea is we want to know what they are looking for so we can creatively solve their problem. We start by designing user personas that emulate what an actual user would be like. By putting ourselves in users' shoes, along with implementing company specs, we can begin designing. Next, we begin making very simple wireframes with out colors and text, and gradually work our way to a higher fidelity web design like the one you see here. After some rounds of iteration and changes, we arrive at a point where both the designer and company are happy. Below you will see a preview of what we ended up designing for them!

Wireframe Process

Final Design

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