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Belniak Media looked to us to provide them with design and development of ACL Staticide's new website. By leveraging Craft's powerful CMS (content management system) we were able to build them a fully functional website that allows them to create and edit their own content (including a blog). This was designed with Adobe XD, which allowed us to build a powerful interactive prototype.

The Goal:

Redesign ACL's website to optimize conversions and communicate their brand effectively.

How We Did It:

First, we studied their existing site. What's working? What are the problems and what could we improve?

  • ✔️ They know their audience. ACL has a great understanding of who is on their website, and why they're there.
  • ✔️ Belniak Media has optimized ACL's Search Engine Results (SEO) significantly. They run appropriate and highly research driven advertisements.
  • ❌ Poor content strategy. Their content was well written, but it didn't tell a story that drove interest and engagement.
  • ❌ User Experience (UX). The ACL's Website needed fluidity. We implemented smooth animations, new high quality images, interactions, and optimal performance speed.
  • ❌ Design Trends. The design was good when it was made 10 years ago. Web design today requires wide, responsive, fluid, and concise layouts.

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