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Belniak Media is our sister company. We supply some of their graphic design, web design, and front end web development. They focus heavily on backend development, SEO, database management, and ecommerce. Moreover, they needed a total redesign of their website. Their site was built when SEO relied on heavily populated landing pages, but we know today that SEO a lot more complex than that. By creating a story from top to bottom, using concise content that engages the user, we were able to totally simplify their website and make it work for them. The site is being built with Craft 3 CMS (content management system) to allow Belniak to change their website copy, portfolio images, etc.

The Goal:

Redesign and repurpose their website so that there's more engangement and conversions. Build the site with a Content Management System, so they can easily update the website content.

How We Did It:

First, we studied their existing site. What's working? What are the problems and what could we improve?

  • ✔️ Belniak Media has outstanding SEO skills; they know what their doing and how to analyze their web analytics.
  • ✔️ They know their audience. Belniak has a great understanding of who is on their website, and why they're there.
  • ✔️ They provide quality results, which we can put on display.
  • ❌ Too many images. (Text inside images does more harm than good)
  • ❌ Poor content strategy. Their content was well written, but it didn't tell a story that drove interest and engagement.
  • ❌ Conversion funnel needed optimization. The website wasn't doing enough to nudge users to convert.

Next, since we knew what their website's issues were, we solved them one-by-one.

Too many images? Which images are more important and why? We decided their portfolio should be the star of their website. So, we made sure their new website design had used images mainly to display their quality web development work.

Poor contnet strategy? Well, they had great content, it just had to be repurposed. We took their content and made it engage their users by telling a story. We also made sure the content was more informative and educational.

Lastly, we used our creative abilities to create a beautiful design. It's modern, works well with the story, and exemplifies their brand.

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