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Benji is an Artist out of Chicago, IL. He needed help branding himself as an artist; so we helped him out. First, we explored Benji's intrests and defining characterstics. What makes him unique as an artist? What's his message? Then, we applied our creativity to make him a Logo and define some brand attributes. Finally we put our visual brand identity together and began marketing his new brand on social media. We created him a website from scratch and now his fans can see all of his work or contact him directly for inquiries.

The Goal:

Define Benji's brand, design a website, and market his brand.

How We Did It:

Branding starts with research. You have to get to know the person or business, so that's what we did. We interviewed Benji extensively about his music and fanbase. Benji's music is full of emotion, his flow is melodic, and he's a creative person. We put these attributes together and began building a logo. Once we had a general idea of his brand, we looked at his contemporaries. What's working? We identified winners, and figured out why they were winning. The answer was honesty and strategy. Their message was honest. And their message was persistent through out their music. Their strategy was to release quality content and adjusting based on the results. Pivoting and reinventing your image when you need to. The way successful artists do this is that they are totally transparent about it all. The real magic is how we measure brand success, how we build brand awareness, and how we engage listeners.

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